Dong Hai - Ninh Hai - Ninh Hoa - Hon Khoi, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam
International Tel : (84.58) 3670 952
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Our cuisine

Having a rest with us, you can indulge in the exotic Vietnamese cuisine. Every day you will have the best national dishes cooked for you.

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Let yourself forget about everything for some days. Enjoy every minute of your staying with us! Select the kind of rest you prefer and enjoy it, denying yourself nothing...

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Environmental areas

Located on the seacoast in the silence of the fine city of Doklet, the resort hotel SOME DAYS OF SILENCE is an ideal place to surround yourself with quietness and gain strength.

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Our ethics

SOME DAYS OF SILENCE is not just a hotel. This place has energy of its own. Because we have done everything for you to feel the atmosphere of harmony and quietness.

It is something like retreating from reality. Like meditation.

Staying in SOME DAYS OF SILENCE, you plunge into the world of difference. That was why our symbol is an image of Shri Yantra. This sacral schematic image, used in Buddhist and Induist religious practices, represents the mystical system of space. Symbolising entirety of existence, Shri Yantra helps achieve unity with the Universe, with everything that surrounds you. In SOME DAYS OF SILENCE, we have organised the space in such a way that all your feelings and thoughts harmonise and you dissolve in the surrounding world. If you contemplate the image of Shri Yantra for some time, you can discover new abilities in yourself and experience an insight. Staying with us will help you rediscover the beauty of such ordinary things as a wind whiff or warm sand underfoot.

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Our philosophy

We see life as wandering or travelling in space and time. This travel may be arranged to find something exciting and mysterious or something improbably simple. We do not think that a mystery has to be looked for far away. You may unravel it in a bright flower, an unexpected sound or a sun reflexion on a water surface. Perhaps, we do not need to look for anything mysterious or unusual, but just stay in silence away from fuss and noise. We are always late somewhere – we either live in the past or escape in the future. Now, time has come to stop and enjoy the present. In SOME DAYS OF SILENCE, you are in harmony with the nature and your feelings.